Reflective Vest With Chest Harness

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Product Features:

  • 1. Eye-catching reflective strips are added along the side of the strap, which can be clearly seen by pedestrians walking dogs at night, which is safe and reliable
  • 2. 360° surround one-piece pet chest and back, evenly divide the pressure, relieve stress, and take into account fit and support
  • 3. Multi-directional breathable and waterproof
  • 4. Easy to wear, easy to wear
  • 5. Can be washed by hand, skin-friendly

Product Description:
Material: Oxford cloth
Size   Bust Circumference         Neck Circumference          Weight
S    39cm/15.35-48cm/18.9     27cm/10.63-33cm/12.99    3KG-6KG
M   50cm/19.69-64cm/25.2     34cm/13.39-38cm/14.96   6.5KG-16KG
L    62cm/24.41-78cm/30.71    39cm/15.35-52cm/20.47   16KG-22.5KG
XL 74cm/29.13-94cm/37.01     53cm/20.87-74cm/29.13   22.5KG-45KG

Package Include:
1x Dog chest strap