Deep Muscle Gun Massager 3 in 1

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The Perfect Muscle Massager for All Your Muscle Pain!

This is our customers' best choice for FITNESS at Home

Have you ever experienced pain in your muscles after a strenuous workout activity? Do you feel your shoulder and backache after staying too long in front of the computer just to finish a project? Now you can relieve your muscles without having to go to the spa! Get the Deep Muscle Gun Massager and have the comfort of owning a massager that you can use anywhere!




Portable and Easy to Carry: this handy gun massager is designed for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle or who works in the office and doesn’t have time to spare waiting on a spa to get their muscle treated for a relaxing massage.


Have a look at these amazing features available on this Gun Massager:


  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT DESIGN – Now you can own a massager that you can bring with you anywhere! Whether you are going to work, to the gym, or traveling, you can easily bring this portable massager with you and it will not occupy much space.

  • TARGETS DIFFERENT MUSCLES AREAS – With 4 different gun heads, you can use them on different parts of your body, from your thigh muscles, shoulder, arms, back, neck area, and other sections that you are experiencing pain and discomfort.

  • WITH AN ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Designed with an easy-to-hold handle, you can comfortably use this gun massager without having to ask for help from other people to massage your muscles for you.

  • LAST UP TO 2 HOURS IN A SINGLE CHARGE – Get to enjoy 2 hours of relaxing massage experience and maximize your time by getting a full-body non-stop massage. 

  • NOISELESS YET POWERFUL – Now with a noiseless design, you won’t have to worry about bothering your roommate or the people around you while using this product.


What are you waiting for? Always have the comfort of owning a massager that you can use whenever and wherever you may go! Click on the “Add to Cart” button now and enjoy a relaxing time when you have a massager that can target all your muscle pains.


How to Use the Portable Massager:


  1. Right after an extreme workout routine or a stressful day at work, relax your muscles for a couple of minutes before starting the massager.

  2. Replace the head of the massager depending on the area that you are working on – from your arms, thigh, shoulder, back, or neck.

  3. Apply any essential oil or massage oil that you want to use and lather on your skin to add moisture.

  4. Turn on the gun massager and set the speed depending on your comfort level. It would be best that you start from the lower level going up.

  5. Move the massager head onto your muscle in a circular motion ensuring that you do not stay on an area for a long time.

  6. Once done on one part of your body, turn off the device, change the head and start on other areas.

  7. After a relaxing massage, make sure to clean the massager head before returning it to its safety box for storage. 



  • Material: Plastic
  • Battery voltage: 24V
  • capacity 2400mA
  • Input voltage: 100-240V
  • Color: orange, silver
  • Size: 260*225*60mm


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