Laser Depilator IPL Epilator Permanent Hair Removal

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Goodbye, Shaving! Goodbye, painful waxing! Goodbye, expensive laser clinics! Goodbye, y'all forever!!

Our Silk Touch Pro™ Laser Hair Removal Device is the AWESOMEST hair removal device that stops the hair re-growth on any part of your body (including facial & privates).


Over 75% of hair reduction after just 4 treatments. After these four treatments, you can enjoy the freedom of smooth skin for up to two months between treatments. 



  • Two Operation Modes: Automatic and manual modes for the different skin area

  • 100% Painless: Five Adjustable optimal energy level according to the skin tolerance. Providing gentle treatment painlessly and easily, without hurting the skin.

  • Fast and suitable treatment area: 3 square cm spot size, not too big or neither too small for any body part.  

  • Skin Detection Ability: Numbers on LCD Display blinks when the unit is ready to work.

  • Safe For All Skin Types: Normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin

  • Permanent Hair Removal: IPL works inside pores, destroys hair papilla, thus achieves permanent hair removal.

  • Long Life: Quartz Lamp for hair removal with longer using life and durable use.

  • Zero Consumables: No Medium, No consumables

  • Safe: No influence on normal sweat and sebum secretion

  • Convenient: Smaller size for Portable design

  • More Flash Times: 500000 Flashes for longer use time

  • LCD Display: Providing clear information about the working modes, remaining flashes, and power levels

  • Applicable Worldwide: 110~240V working voltage, suitable for all the countries in the world.


Step 1: Remove excess hair by shaving, epilating or waxing the area before the first treatment.

Step 2: Plug in the power plug, 5 red indicators flash, press and hold the key for 1-2 seconds, the device enters the working state.

Step 3: Press and hold the key to select the gear (recommended gear from 1-5, the higher the gear, the higher the strength).

Step 4: Paste the device vertically on the skin that needs to be depilated. At this time, the red and purple lights flash alternately. Click the round flash button to complete one time.

Step 5: Cycle through step 4, and the area of hair removal can be repeated three times.

Step 6: After use, press and hold the switch key for 1-2 seconds to shut down, and unplug.


To achieve the best results, use it every two weeks for the first two months and then do monthly touch-ups.

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