Pet's Teeth Health by repairing and preventing disease

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Pet’s Teeth have infection-causing bacteria, which can travel to the heart, kidney, and liver.
Prevent disease by using our Pets Teeth Cleaning Tools Double-Sided to remove pet tartar, calculus, plaque. We need to regularly clean the stubborn stains on the dog's teeth so that they don't cause dental problems.
Double heads: Tip heads are used for scraping calculus, which can be inserted into periodontal pockets to remove potential gingival stones. Flat ends are used to scrape pigment plaques and calculus on smooth surfaces.


Note:Severe calculus can be used daily
            Slightly calculus once every 2 to 3 days

  • Fresh Plant-Based Oral Formula - Made from a natural substance, remove stubborn black stains, leaving their mouth fresh and clean
  • Strengthen Gums - Get rid of pet's bad breath by repairing damaged gums and fortifying it against harmful microorganisms
  • Solve Pet's Brushing painful - Having periodontal diseases is painful for your pet, Soft brush makes cleaning painless and less stressful
Main ingredients: Plant Extract Alcohol, AOP Whiten Factor, Polypeptide Biological Enzyme, Carbomer, Nano s1o2-05wdj -39 Menthol, Natural Detergent, Deionized Water.

Add mint and aloe vera plant ingredients to freshen breath and inhibit bacterial growth

Use a soft brush to reduce gum pain